Stream Your Favorites With this extension

Experience the joy of watching your favorite movies and TV shows with your family and friends using teleparty. Invite your Hulu friends to stream together. It has fun features like you can make audio and video calls or even chat in between. You can also discuss your favorite movie scenes with your friends and family. With Watch Party Hulu you can create your own memories and share them while watching a series together. So, what is bothering you? Open the link and watch it together.


Watch unlimited streaming websites with teleparty Hulu

It allows you to group watch on Hulu and has unlimited shows and series. Unlock amazing features including chat, audio, and video calls. The best part is no matter where you are, with just a few clicks, you can watch it with your family and friends.

Time Sync

Have the ideal showtime with your loved ones. Download and install the extension and log in together. With this useful gadget, you can watch your favorite movies. Additionally, you can also chat, audio, and video calls while streaming series.


Create your own party

Now, you can create your own party in this extension. It’s just you have to click on the party icon and unlock its features. In this extension, there is a huge variety of top content with high-quality videos and synchronized playback.

How to watch this extension on your browser

Just download and install the extension to your web browser and log in to your Hulu account. Select your favorite content. You can also share the link with your friends and family to watch movies and series together.

How to join this extension


Go to your web browser and install the extension

After installing it, activate your valid account on it, then you will get the invitations from your dear ones


Click on the link that they have sent to you or simply enter the code

Join the party


Interact with them via chat, audio calls, and video calls

To enjoy unlimited streaming on it, it’s just you need to have a valid subscription to your streaming account, where the content is available.


It is a fantastic tool that provides the best services to all its users. In this extension, you will find vast varieties of movies and shows and watch them with your family and friends together. It has features like chatting, audio, and video calls so that you can discuss your favorite scene with them. It is the best way to have a unique experience.

To experience its great features, you just need an account on Hulu and install it on your browser. After installing it, you can generate a URL link and share it with your loved ones. With this link, you can invite them to watch a party. Remember only the host has all the powers to play or pause the video. It also synchronizes playback so that you can watch it together. No matter how far apart you are from your friends, within just a few seconds you can watch a movie with them.



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